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Are you ready to move beyond diversity as a numbers game? Vaya supports organizations through a holistic approach to workplace inclusion. We work with executives who are ready to lead their companies the next level by understanding how inclusive culture can address their toughest business objectives. Vaya can help improve your recruitment and hiring process to make sure you're not losing candidates whose insights will make your company--and your products--better. We can improve your organizational structure to help you develop trust, reward initiative, and improve communication. We can help you understand cultural changes you need to increase retention and employee satisfaction, so your team can focus on your shared mission.


Areas of Practice

executive training

Diversity and inclusion doesn't have to be a minefield. We can help you understand how to talk about difficult topics with anyone in your company. In fact, a leader's ability to do this is fundamental to creating inclusive culture. We can help you move to the next level of career impact through an understanding of how your decisions impact workplace culture—and the bottom line.

organizational structure

Are your teams set up to build trust, communicate effectively, and take action? Do your people feel confident in their roles and their ability to collaborate? It's tough to keep an organization on track as you grow, so we're here to back you up with structures that preserve your strengths at scale.

recruiting & hiring strategy

Our team can help you see past the superficial to create a meaningful, sustainable recruiting and hiring strategy. Do people like interviewing with your team? Are you closing the candidates you want? If not, we'll work together to define goals, troubleshoot existing procedures, and improve the process for everyone involved.

benefits & COMPENSATION analysis

The best way to give your teammates focus is to ensure they're able to meet the basic needs of themselves and their families. We can help you understand how needs vary across your organization, and how to accommodate everyone who's serving your mission. 

INTernal communications

Some of the simplest steps you can take to improve inclusion involve communicating effectively across your organization. Let's analyze how information flows through your informal networks and past your water coolers. With everyone on the same page, sharing accurate information, you can spend more time on the missions you care about.

Crisis remediation

Sometimes even teams with the best of intentions can let each other down. Vaya will help you diagnose the root cause of an internal crisis, develop a team communications strategy, and take steps for smoother sailing in the future.


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