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Building diverse engineering teams through inclusive hiring

December 11 in San Francisco's Financial District


technical interviewing is painful. it doesn't have to be.

Few engineers will tell you they enjoy running the gauntlet presented by the standard hiring experience. With so few good examples to build from, lots of technical interviewing feels more like a hazing.

We can show you how to fix it.

Join Vaya for a day-long training on December 11 to learn how to build a hiring process that works better for everyone. We'll teach you how to turn your talent needs into a hiring workflow that not only fosters a diverse candidate pool, but also makes things easier on your own organization.

We'll even give you a sweet introductory price.

What you'll learn:

  • The basics of diversity and inclusion for the workplace
  • How to write job descriptions that accurately describe your needs while encouraging a broader pool of applicants
  • Options to counter bias in resume selection
  • How to screen applicants without generating false negatives
  • Tools for assessing technical ability consistently between candidates
  • Offer processes that convince candidates to sign

You'll have the opportunity to ask questions throughout, while participating in hands-on activities to see these topics in action.

Who is this for?

This training is for engineering leadership frustrated with the current ways of hiring, as well as other leaders who oversee talent processes in their organization.

Who are the instructors?

nicole sanchez, ceo, vaya consulting


Nicole has spent over two decades building inclusive organizational cultures. With an undergraduate degree from Stanford in American Studies, with a focus on race issues, along with an MBA from UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, she's uniquely positioned to speak to the intersection of business goals and a diverse workforce.

Previous roles include Managing Partner at the Kapor Center for Social Impact and VP of Social Impact for GitHub.


danilo campos, cto, vaya consulting


Danilo is a self-taught software developer and interaction designer. He's led mobile projects at startups like OpenFeint, Hipmunk, Level Money and FutureAdvisor, before becoming Technical Director for Social Impact at GitHub. Danilo has spent his career refining the hiring process.

He recently worked with the inclusion organization Code2040 to facilitate conversations with leaders from multiple unicorn startups to analyze existing hiring and build structured improvements. 

Join us

Hiring better is about giving candidates space to clearly show their skills, insights and initiative. Few existing processes succeed in offering this across the board. It doesn't have to be like this. With deliberate thought and planning, you can make all candidates feel great and take a lot of stress out of the process for your team.

We'll show you how.

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