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Nicole Sanchez, CEO and Founder of Vaya

Nicole has spent over two decades working on building inclusive organizational cultures. After finishing her undergraduate degree at Stanford, Nicole helped build one of the country’s first AmeriCorps programs. There, she was able to work on the practical application of diversity, leading teams of people from all over the world in service to communities.

Nicole’s first job working on diversity in tech was in 1999, where she saw first-hand the obstacles that prevent talented people from accessing opportunities in this sector. From there, Nicole moved on to work on diversity and inclusion in higher education, government, and eventually back in tech.

She earned an MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, where she now serves as a lecturer teaching “Diversity in the Workplace.” Nicole has also served as Managing Partner of the Kapor Center for Social Impact along with VP of Social Impact at GitHub.

She has been named a “Game Changer” by Spelman College and one of “6 Game-Changing Hispanic Women” by Makers.  

In addition, Nicole is a mom to two teenagers and lives with her family in the San Francisco East Bay, where she was born and raised.


Daniela Quintanilla, Chief of Staff

Daniela was born in Nicaragua and came to the US as a political asylee when she was four years old. A champion of immigrants’ rights, she spent over six years as a Senior Aide for Congresswoman Barbara Lee. There, she worked specifically in constituent services with immigrant communities.

Most recently, Daniela was at GitHub, supporting the CEO and then the Social Impact team. She is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz, where she earned a degree in Politics with a minor in Latin American/Latino Studies.

In her free time, Daniela is a protector of sea turtles, a makeup artist and mom to a beloved Husky.



Danilo Campos, Chief Technology officer

Danilo's obsession with technology began in childhood. At the age of seven, he fell in love with the Macintosh and never looked back. Danilo is a self-taught interaction designer and software developer whose career began, accidentally, in Second Life.

Further self-teaching opened the door to building applications for the iPhone and iPad, several recognized by Apple with features on the front page of the App Store. After leading mobile for travel search startup Hipmunk, Danilo wrote, shipped and helped design the first version of personal finance app Level Money.

After some time consulting with venture-funded startups, Danilo joined GitHub's Social Impact team as Technical Director. He worked with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, local community programs, and educators to bring technology literacy training to hundreds of students in underserved communities.

Danilo is an avid consumer of science fiction, an eager traveler and a constant tinkerer. He lives in Brooklyn, fanatically expanding his smart home device network.